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We supply and install a wide range of top quality air conditioning units from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and IQ.

Air conditioners for all applications:

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Mid-Wall Splits

A mid wall split unit can be easily installed in even the smallest of spaces. Offering both heating and cooling functions. Mid Wall units are designed to be very quiet. These units come in various sizes and models like Neo plasma which comes with an air filtration system.

Ducted hide-aways


Ducted Hideaway units are the ideal solution for corporate clients looking for multi office area air conditioning applications. The unit offers a larger heating and cooling capacity than mid-wall units. And also mounts flush with the ceiling, and therefore there is no indoor unit mounted on the wall.

Ceiling Cassettes


Ceiling cassette units are primarily used in commercial environments, like restaurants, hotels, offices and meeting rooms. It has a compact design and is equipped with many features. It has four louvers to circulate the air around the whole room.

Under-Ceiling Splits


Depending on the available space , this unit can be installed either standing or on the ceiling. It is remote controlled, very quiet and powerful.

When installing new aircons, the size of the room to be covered is very important in choosing the right size aircon (btu). If the aircon is under or oversized, it will not work correctly. Midwall splits are generally the best for homes, with an indoor and outdoor unit. The distance between the 2 determines the pipe run, so the way it is installed is important as this extra piping incurs extra costs. For businesses, there are various options, such as one unit that will cover more than one room.

Clockwork Air Conditioning supplies and installs the full ranges of many different popular air con brands. So we can provide you with many solutions to fulfill your cooling or heating needs.